ML196E Gas Furnace with Basic Installation

ML196E Gas Furnace with Basic Installation

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Lennox ML196E is a single stage Merit series gas furnace with power saver technology that comes with a constant torque motor which has been designed to use less energy in both heating & cooling operation modes. It’s adoptive airflow matching a home’s duct work allows it to run more efficiently as compared to the old PSC motors. At the same It delivers high efficiency with 96% AFUE.



  • Lennox Duralok Plus™ Heat Exchanger
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • Inshot Burners
  • Surelight Hot Surface Ignitor
  • Gas Control Valve
  • Combustion Air Inducer
  • Flame Rollout Switch
  • SureLight® Integrated Furnace Control
  • Power Saver™ Constant Torque Blower
  • Insulated Cabinet
  • Safety Interlock Switch
  • Gas Piping And Electrical Inlets


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